My name is Mrs. Decker and I will be your childs 6th grade math teacher. My goal is for your child to explore, investigate and understand the California Standards for 6th and 7th grade. These are links to the 6th and 7th grade standards:
I will evaluate your childs progress using the following assessments:
    1.Weekly Tests
    2.Cooperative Group Problems of the Month
    3.Homework (Everyday Monday-Thursday – Friday Test)
    4.Projects ( Trip to Sumer, Fruit and Vegetable of the Month, Grecian Project
                     Field Trip Projects etc.)
    5.Class work
    6.Homework Packets
    7.Final (Option Testing) in June
The elective class is a Life Skills in Money Management.  Students will learn how to create a budget, manage their income, balance checking, make investments etc.

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