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The Lawrence Gifted Magnet serves 394 gifted, highly gifted, and high ability students on the campus of Lawrence Middle School in Chatsworth. The students at each grade level take honors level classes which meet their need for an accelerated curriculum. The program is a demanding one, designed to provide the differentiated instruction which allows each student to meet the challenge of fulfilling his or her own potential. Eligible applicants must apply using the Choices brochure application, which should be submitted to the District Office in December prior to the school year the student wishes to begin attendance at the Magnet. Applicants should be identified as gifted or highly gifted by the LAUSD or have scores or 445 or higher in Language Arts and 450 or higher in mathematics on the CST.




  • Full Time Coordinator
  • Teachers specifically chosen for their expertise in their subject fields and experience in gifted education
  • National Board Certified and Mentor Teachers


  • Honors level academic classes
  • Grade level teaming, so that all students have the same four teachers at each level
  • Interdisciplinary approach
  • Algebra and geometry for advanced students needing an early challenge (Incoming students take a math placement test before the start of the school year)
  • Emphasis on reading and writing across the curriculum
  • Magnet electives in all three grades


The Lawrence Magnet GATE Philosophy

Gifted students, like all students, deserve an educational program as closely adapted to their needs as possible. We at the Lawrence Gifted Magnet recognize our obligation to hold them to the highest standards they are capable of achieving and to recognize the unique talents and needs of each individual in a diverse gifted population. We believe in striking a balance between the creative, open-ending learning activities from which gifted students benefit, and the more structured activities necessary to equip students with the skills essential for academic success. We are committed to preparing gifted students for the future by helping them develop the abilities required to meet its challenges.


Magnet Goals

We are guided by the expectation that a graduate of the Lawrence Gifted Magnet will be:

  • An academic achiever who meets state learning standards,
  • A critical and analytical thinker who can interpret information, solve problems, and make informed decisions,
  • A proficient communicator who communicates efficiently through oral, written, and electronic media, and
  • A self disciplined person with an ever-increasing sense of personal responsibility.


Lawrence Magnet Honor Code

The purpose of the Lawrence Magnet Honor Code is to reinforce the values of integrity and honesty which are being taught in Magnet homes and classrooms. This code clarifies rules which are and will continue to be in effect at Lawrence; it offers students the means of making a personal commitment to abide by them. It is the result of the combined efforts of the Magnet staff and parents.



1. I will treat the students and staff with courtesy and respect.



2. I will not turn in any work that is not my own. I am aware that this includes:


Plagiarism: Presenting as ones own: words, works, or opinions of someone else without proper acknowledgement. This may include but is not limited to verbatim copying. The following are examples of plagiarism:


Failure to document with quotation marks and citation any material copied directly

from other sources, including the Internet


Use of anothers work as ones own, including work done by parents and other students


Turning in material downloaded directly form the Internet


Unauthorized collaboration: Sharing answers with a partner on an assignment intended by the teacher to be done alone. When the teacher approves collaboration, I will do my fair share of the work.



3. I will use legitimate sources when doing research. I will not use Wikipedia or other unreliable sources.



4. I will tell the truth. I will not deliberately provide false information, nor will I withhold information.



5. On teacher/parent communication:

a. I will not forge my parents signature or initials, nor will I ask anyone else to do so.

b. I will not change or withhold from my parent or guardian information in any form regarding my               performance in school.



6. I will follow these rules concerning tests:

a. I will not talk during the time the test is being given. I will direct all questions to the teacher, who will   answer them at his or her discretion.

b. I will not use unauthorized notes or other materials.

c. I will not share information about the test with students from other classes.

d. I will not copy from another students test, allow my own to be copied, or employ other methods of cheating, including unauthorized use of calculators or other electronic devices.



7. I understand that truancy is a violation of the honor code.



8. I will do my best to be a person whose actions reflect the highest standards of ethical behavior.



9. I will obey the schools rules regarding my conduct while I am in school and while I am attending school functions on or off campus.



10. I understand that this honor code cannot contain every possible violation and that I will strive to honor what is implied as well as what is stated.



Consequences of Honor Code Violation

(may include but are not limited to those listed below)


Zero on test, paper, or project

Work confiscated with no make-up credit allowed

U notice sent home for parent signature; returned to teacher; copy filed in Magnet Office

Grade of U in Work Habits and/or Cooperation for that grading period at teachers discretion

Loss of eligibility for honors and awards during that school year

Forfeiture of membership in CJSF for that semester, according to CJSF Rules

Suspension from class/school

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