Programs for Application Portfolio Management

Your application portfolio is one of the things in your business that continues to change and grow, even when you aren’t working on specific parts of it. With today’s landscape of changing applications and security hazards, you need a program to help you with management. If you don’t have one of those programs, you are losing chances to make changes, spending too much time fixing issues that could have been automated, and you aren’t able to compare yourself to other businesses that do the same things you do. Even more importantly, you need to find a program that will allow you to easily adapt to all of the changes without doing something new every other week.

Programs for application portfolio maintenance help you to see how your apps impact the bottom line of your business and how you can rationalize your applications that much more easily – and hopefully lower costs at the same time.

Why Use Programs for Application Portfolio Management?

So why do you need to use a program for application portfolio management? There are a few different benefits that you need to consider:

Application Costs: You can reduce how much it costs to run your applications by eliminating duplicates and focusing on how you can deliver your product. When you eliminate all of the “noise,” you will see your maintenance costs go down and how much it costs to run them.

Rationalizing Applications: You need to be able to look at your applications in a way that looks at the smallest details and in a way that makes a broader sweep as well. By comparing the functions of your applications, you can choose where, when, and how they function together.

Future Investment: By looking at the significance of your applications and gauging usage, you will be able to see where you need more support, where you need less support, and how your business operates around specific applications.

Insights Application Portfolio Management Supplies

There are some pieces of information that using an application portfolio management program supply you with that you will not be able to get from another other system.

Some of that information includes analysis into your applications. Application Portfolio Management programs will help you to assess your applications individually and as a whole to get a comprehensive look at what you have – and you can add information to many of the best programs. This will allow you to get a quick snapshot of important information, including risks, cost, quality, impact, and satisfaction.

When you are able to spot problems within your applications almost immediately, you can start working on fixes for those parts and, in many cases, you can fix those mistakes in other applications before they even make an impact. While there might be some scrambling behind the scenes, your customers will never see that – and your team can learn from mistakes and problems. Most programs will offer full reports and automation to fix many of the biggest issues.

For newer companies that are still building, application portfolio management can help you to look at the applications that you have and see whether or not you can use them moving forward, and if you can, what you will need to make it successful. You will be able to work with your enterprise architecture so that you can create a roadmap of sorts to get the right maps, instructions, and plans as you continue to move forward. Even better, you will get an insider’s look at what you are capable of doing in your business and then create goals to align with them.

What to Look For in an Application Portfolio Management Program

One of the things you absolutely want to look for in application portfolio management is a team that will be there to help you throughout every step of the project, from installation to day-to-day functioning. You want to have a team that has support standard, like a guided setup, and regular customer support as well. This shows that the company is interested in helping you. Even better, it shows that when there are updates or important changes, you will be able to get help as soon as possible.

Though the process of selecting programs for application portfolio management can be difficult, it is a great way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your team, your business, and your applications.

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